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On Wednesday, August 24th a devastating earthquake struck central Italy. As losses continue to mount,... 

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Support Italian Earthquake Area

Proudly Joining Restaurants
Worldwide to Support
People of Amatrice
in Italian Earthquake Zone

On Wednesday, August 24th a devastating earthquake struck central Italy. As losses continue to mount, numerous Italian restaurants around the world are supporting a culinary fundraising effort first suggested by food blogger Paolo Campana. The small town of Amatrice is internationally famous for a special pasta dish named after the town, bucatini amatriciana, which is spaghetti served with a tomato-based sauce flavored with a type of bacon made of cured pork cheek. Over 600 restaurants across Italy quickly responded by including the dish on their menus and donating a portion of proceeds from each order to the Italian Red Cross.

Veneto Trattoria proudly joins numerous other Italian restaurant owners throughout the United States in embracing this idea. Bucatini amatriciana, the flavorful pasta dish, is being served as one of our daily specials through the month of September. We are donating $3.00 from every dish served to the Italian Red Cross to help with earthquake relief work.

When the earthquake hit this part of central Italy during the night, the population of the Amatrice was swollen with visitors preparing to celebrate the town’s 50th annual food festival honoring their signature pasta dish. This food festival, known as a sagra, was scheduled for the weekend and the influx of early arriving festival attendees has complicated authorities’ ability to account for the actual number of people in the area when the quake struck.

The folklore of Amatrice and bucatini amatriciana traces to the 1700s, with rich traditions steeped in the food culture. Amid the rubble in the old town streets, rescue workers spotted the posters advertising this year’s festival with Amatrice described as one of the most beautiful towns in all of Italy.
















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