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Here’s what favorite local celebrity Pat McMahon says about Veneto Trattoria. Very special thank... 

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Nicest, Friendliest and Best Dinners…

We had a gift card from friends so we took another couple on February 4th and had one of the nicest,... 

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See You Next Trip!

Another amazing dinner! Always look forward to dining again at Veneto. A “must do” for every... 

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Signature Products

Veneto Trattoria Super Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$19.50 per bottle

  • Hand-picked Olives
  • Organic trees only
  • Harvested November 14th
  • Squeezed within 18 hours
  • First cold pressing
  • Acidity 0.07%
  • Best oil for healthy eating

Veneto Trattoria’s signature Super Tuscan Organic Olive Oil – Sogno Toscano or “Tuscan Dream” – is produced in Italy’s famed Tuscan region where perfect growing conditions led wine connoisseurs to coin the name “Super Tuscan.” The rich, fertile soil of this region and the ideal combination of moisture and sun produces olives that render oil low in acidity while carrying superior fragrance and taste. The qualities are captured through perfectly-timed harvesting with immediate cold pressing.

All these rich, uncontaminated fragrances and flavors are preserved by shipping Veneto Trattoria Super Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil by air within 12 hours of bottling. Traditional processors ship via boat, a 20 day journey to the U.S. that subjects the oil to cold, damaging temperatures.

Harvested only from organic trees, the very low acidity and the richness of natural elements make this olive oil a truly healthful elixir that must be experienced.

Veneto Trattoria Super Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil bears the USDA Certified Organic seal.